Woman Says She Wants to Win Lottery to Pay Off Student Loan Debt, Wins $300,000 From Bingo Ticket Same Day

Michigan Lottery
Michigan Lottery

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A Michigan woman may have sealed her own fate when she gave a speech about paying off her student debt only to win a lottery jackpot just hours later.

Amanda Dietz, of Vicksburg, said she bought the Multi-Prize Bingo ticket at a Speedway on the same day she gave a speech about the effects of student loan debt and wanting to be able to pay it off.

Her wish was granted when her ticket was a $300,000 winner.

"The day I bought my ticket, I had just given a speech about student loan debt. I told the audience how wonderful it would be to win the lottery to wipe all of my debt out at once, and now here I am," Dietz said. "It's incredible."

Dietz said she thought the ticket was a $100 winner until she went to go cash it in.

“The clerk scanned the ticket and told me it was a big winner and that I would have to call the Lottery office,” said Dietz. “I didn’t really believe it because I don’t have that kind of luck. After I spoke with the lottery office, it finally started to sink in that I had won $300,000! Over the next few days, that ticket didn’t leave my sight. It was with me at all times.”

She said her instincts initially told her to buy the ticket, and they clearly paid off.

She plans to use her prize money to pay off her student loan debt, take a cruise vacation and then invest what's left.