Woman Says She Was Kicked Out of a Planet Fitness for Too-Short Gym Shorts

Brandi Labounty, a real estate agent in Vermont, said the gym called police after she didn't to leave.

Most gyms are closed because of the pandemic, but in some areas they are open. Now one Vermont woman says she will never step in a Planet Fitness again after she was escorted out by police after she says management told her that her gym shorts were too short.

Brandi Labounty, a real estate agent, said she's been a gym member for four years, and during that time, she lost 40 pounds. She had come to rely on the daily workouts.

"I have worn these shorts almost a year without a problem," Labounty said. "It absolutely blows my mind that they would take it this far, bring it to this level."

Labounty said an employee at the gym told her that other members were complaining about her shorts being too short. There were only four other people in the gym, and Labounty said she asked all of them if they were bothered by her shorts and they said no. She told the employee she wasn't leaving — and that's when she says they called the police.

"They looked at me, looked at employees and they were like, 'why are we here?'" Labounty said.

As a test, Labounty says she gave her mom Cathy the same pair of shorts to wear the next day. They say the gym also told Cathy her shorts were too short.

Labounty also received a trespassing notice from the Planet Fitness telling her she is "no longer allowed on the premises." She said her mom also got the same letter.

Planet Fitness told Inside Edition that “the safety and wellbeing of our members and employees is our top priority. In this instance, a member was asked to leave for inappropriate behavior…. After conducting an internal review of the incident, the local franchisee has confirmed that they believe the appropriate action was taken in this matter."

Labounty is now working out at a new gym. She said she's had no issues there, even while wearing the same shorts.