Woman Says She Was Under The Spell Of 'Master Manipulator' R. Kelly

Kitti Jones spoke to Inside Edition exclusively about her time with the singer.

R. Kelly has vehemently denied allegations that he held at least six women against their will at his homes in Atlanta and Chicago. Now, one of the women, in an exclusive interview, says she was  under the singer's spell.

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Kitti Jones told Inside Edition that she would describe the "Bump N' Grind" singer as a "master manipulator."

“He could make you feel like you're wearing red and you're wearing blue,” she said.

At 33, Jones says she found herself in Kelly's web after she met him at a party in Dallas, where she was a popular radio DJ. She was a big fan and was thrilled when he slipped her his number.

"I got to the restroom and I texted him and said, ‘This is Kitti, you just gave me your number,’ and he said, 'Always refer to me as 'daddy,'" she said.

Soon, she was joining the "Trapped in the Closet" singer on his tour.

She started flying back and forth from Dallas to Chicago to spend weekends with him. That's when she says he began to exert control over everything she did including what he told to wear.

"When you come see me don't wear clothes like that,” she claims the singer once told her, meaning nothing remotely sexy that might attract other men.

He also asked that she stand whenever he entered the room, according to Jones.

Even with what she already knew, she quit her job and moved to a compound owned by Kelly in Chicago. There were other women living there too, but she says they were forbidden to communicate with each other. The ladies lived in separate suites. Jones claimed it was a virtual prison.

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"We had to ask to go to the bathroom, [and] ask if we could order food,” she claimed.

She says the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer would get physical if she did something he didn't like.

“The way he would do me is slapping around," she said. "I got tossed around, kicked, starved.” 

Jones says she was never held against her will but after nine months, she says she got up the nerve to leave.

"Part of me is scared to call it a cult, but yes, that's what it is,” she said.

Kelly said he's had “no comment” in response to Inside Edition’s multiple requests for comment.

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