Woman Surprises Son She Hasn't Seen in 16 Years by Disguising Herself as a Present

Guadalupe Montalbo, 60, had never previously been able to get a visa to the United States.

With a big gift comes big surprises, but Arturo Fabian never would have imagined that his mom, who he hasn’t seen in 16 years, would be the one jumping out of the box.

The 44-year-old man had not seen his mother since he moved to Garfield, N.J., from Central America.

His mother, Guadalupe Montalbo, 60, was never previously able to get a visa.

Realizing how much this meant, Fabian’s daughter decided to surprise him by helping her apply for a visa.

Once it came through, they bought her a plane ticket to New Jersey for the following day.

“We met her at Newark Airport — we ran up to her and hugged her,” his daughter Desi Sanchez told Caters News. "But then we quickly drove back to set everything up."

They then wrapped her in a box and waited for Fabian to get home from work.

“That’s when he opened the box and she popped out,” Desi said. “My grandma was so happy when she found out she was coming to the U.S. and when she saw my dad, she started to cry.”

Fabian was initially confused but began to cry when he realized what was going on.