Woman Turns Her Office Cubicle into Snoopy's Doghouse for the Holidays

This is her second year creating something extravagant in the workplace.

A Pennsylvania woman may have topped last year’s creation for her office cubicle contest with this year’s holiday design — Snoopy’s doghouse.

In past years at Toll Brothers, Inc. mortgage offices in Horsham, employees have participated in a cubicle-decorating contest. Melissa O’Neill, who built a log cabin at her desk last year, was looking to top that design.

O’Neill’s boyfriend, Wayne, helped her build the log cabin in the basement of their home over a two-week span last year, but Wayne wasn’t as enthusiastic about embarking on the task again.

“Wayne was pretty much against doing anything," O'Neill said. "So about two weeks ago, everyone in the office kept asking what was being done this year. I went home and begged. We could not disappoint right?”

Wayne eventually obliged and constructed the Charlie Brown-themed dog house, complete with a stuffed Snoopy on the roof.

The design, which was made with a wood frame and cardboard, took a week to build.

“Everyone at the office loves it! I put on a good poker face though telling everyone nothing was happening as of last week,” O’Neill said. “I honestly like the ‘wow factor’ and reaction I get from everyone.”