The Woman in the Wall: Unlocking the Mystery of Skeleton Found Inside Texas Home

The remains were found to be that of Mary Cerruti, who had been reported missing in 2015 but never found, until now.

A remarkable mystery has been solved as a Texas woman was identified as the skeleton discovered behind the walls of her own home about a year ago.

A 9-1-1 call from the new resident of 610 Allston Street stated there was "more than just the head" in the walls of the Houston house he had just started renting last year.

The bones were identified as those of Mary Cerruti, who was 61 when she disappeared. She had been behind the wall for about two years.

Her skeleton was found with a pair of glasses, tarnished clothing, and a pair of shabby sneakers.

Cerruti, who lived alone with the exception of her many cats, was reported missing in 2015 by neighbors, but she was never found. Her house eventually fell into foreclosure, and was emptied out.

Her cause of death remains a mystery, but there is one chilling theory.

"In the attic, there was a broken board that led down to the space," Tricia Bentley, a spokesperson for the medical examiner, told People magazine. "Law enforcement thinks she may have been up in the attic and fell through the attic floor."

However, the cause of death is listed as undetermined because there is no evidence to prove how she actually died.

Cerruti worked at a local art supply shop and her former boss, Marcario Ramirez, commented on his former employee’s death.

"There's sadness, but hopefully she's at peace,” Ramirez told Inside Edition.