Woman Who Assaulted Cop Apologizes With Cake: 'Sorry I Tried to Bite You'

Celina Dally gave her arresting officer a cake to apologize for trying to bite him.

Celina Dally says the arresting officer thanked her for the gesture.

A Louisiana woman who attacked a police officer while drunk apologized to him with a cookie cake that read: “Sorry I tried to bite you.”

Celina Dally, 23, went to a wine tasting at McNeese State University earlier this month, where she drank too much and became intoxicated.

A concerned friend called paramedics after Dally passed out while being driven home. But her interactions with an officer landed her in jail.

“I really don’t remember anything, to be honest,” she told InsideEdition.com. “They said that I bit him and I felt so terrible.”

Dally was unable to stop thinking about the officer she assaulted, and the college student decided to reach out to him to apologize for her behavior.

“To me a cookie cake was the least weird way to say sorry,” she said with a laugh.

Dally went to the Lake Charles Police Department, where she presented the officer with the cake.

“He took it really well—he thanked me over and over,” she said. “He knew that I wasn’t really like that. He could tell that I was a good person—that I was just drunk.”

An avid social media user, Dally posted photos from the meeting on Facebook.

“Most of you DONT know lol but I was arrested on October 7th for public intoxication and also for assaulting an officer (not proud of it but it happened)," Dally wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post. "Anyway, as most of you DO know I'm way too nice. My conscience was eating at me so I decided to find Officer Guillory (who's super sweet btw) and apologize w a cookie cake! lol just thought I'd share w y'all."

The post quickly went viral, and since then Dally has received very mixed reactions from strangers near and far.

“I wasn’t anticipating the attention I would receive,” she said. “I had an inbox full of people telling me to kill myself. People have somehow gotten my number, they have been calling me. I get requests to video chat in the middle of the night. It's a lot."

Some people referenced police-involved shootings in their criticism of Dally’s behavior and the officer’s reaction, saying she got off easy.

“Some felt I should be shot,” she continued. “I was taken aback for sure.”

Dally, who majors in criminal justice, said the ordeal has opened her eyes to the issue of cyberbullying. Following the backlash, she said she is hoping to turn the low point in her life into a conversation about online bullying.

“I’m a pretty emotionally stable person, and just knowing the toll it took on me … people need to know they’re not alone,” she said. “If I can help one person, it would all be worth it.”

Dally urged anyone who feels they are in crisis to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, saying: “They’re not alone.”

Dally was charged with public intoxication and battery of a police officer.

She is due in court in November. She said she and her arresting officer have remained in touch since she gave him the cake, and he plans to speak in her favor. 

InsideEdition.com has reached out to Dally’s arresting officer and the Lake Charles Police Department for comment.