Woman Who Beat Cancer Gives Birth to Quadruplets After She Was Told She’d Never Get Pregnant

According to the mom, bath time in the household takes nearly two hours.

An Arizona woman who never thought she would get pregnant again due to cancer and fertility issues is now a mother of five after giving birth to unexpected quadruplets.

“There’s some days where I’m like, ‘How do we do it?’” Virginia Johnson, 35, told InsideEdition.com. “We had been working so hard at trying to create our family that we're like, ‘Well okay, this is how we're going to get it.’”

Virginia and her husband Victor’s quadruplets, Ava, Madelyn, Olivia and Victor, just turned eight months old and can be seen in a video shared by Caters News bonding with their 3-year-old sister, Zoey. Images by Momento Studios show the adorable quadruplets lined up.

“It’s always a party,” Virginia joked.

She explained that when she was just 13 years old, she had to have her right fallopian tube and ovary removed.

In her early 20s, doctors diagnosed her with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

When she got pregnant at 31 years old, she was told her pregnancy was ectopic.

Virginia explained she had to undergo surgery to terminate the ectopic pregnancy, and a complication caused her to lose her other fallopian tube.

That was also when doctors discovered a mass and told her she had bladder cancer.

“I was still processing the fact we were going to lose our first pregnancy,” she said. “It was the higher power’s way to say, ‘You’re going to be a mom, but just not right now.’”

Fortunately, surgeons were able to remove the cancer all at once and with no way to conceive naturally, the couple began in-vitro fertilization (IVF) shortly after.

Virginia became pregnant soon after and welcomed her first baby girl, Zoey, in 2014.

“The whole pregnancy, I was worried we were going to lose her because we had lost the first one,” she said.

They decided to undergo IVF again, and the two embryos that were implanted turned into quadruplets.

“All I could say throughout the scans was ‘Oh s****,’” she said. “There was no way I could be pregnant with four.”

But she successfully delivered her quadruplets and the parents quickly fell into a routine, managing their five kids’ lives while also both working full time.

Bath time in their household takes nearly two hours, she said, but as Virginia says, "It’s gotten a lot easier.”