Woman Who Lost Family in NY Limo Crash Is Reunited With Thousands in Lost Cash

Kimberly Steenberg, who lost her husband in the October limo crash in upstate New York and planned to scatter his ashes in the Bahamas, lost her money for the trip when it blew away off the top of her car — until strangers found it and returned it.

One New York mom was in her car last Monday running an errand when she saw money flying in the air. 

“All of a sudden I just saw a lot of paper flying in the air,” Terri Brubaker told Inside Edition. “It's hundred dollar bills, hundred dollar bills, hundred dollar bills, there are fifty dollar bills, twenty dollar bills.”

She pulled over to investigate, and Brubaker started grabbing all the cash by the handful.

In total, she collected an astonishing $6,600. And as the good citizen that she is, she took it to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office in upstate Johnstown, New York, to turn it in.

The money belonged to a woman who had accidentally left an envelope filled with cash on the roof of her car. The money blew away when she drove off, scattering all over the highway.

The woman who lost all that cash was Kimberly Steenburg, who is no stranger to misfortune. Steenburg's husband was killed in a horrific stretch-limo crash that took the lives of 20 people in October in Schoharie, New York. 

The cash that blew away was earmarked for a Bahamian cruise on which Steenburg was planning to scatter her loved one's ashes. Steenburg also lost her brother-in-law and his wife in the limo tragedy. Other good Samaritans helped recover nearly all of her $8,000 pot. 

“I was taking my niece out to the car. I was on my way to the bank. I put the envelope on top of the car when I buckled her in and took off. I forgot it was there,” Steenburg told Inside Edition from Miami. “I can't thank her enough for returning it. There's not many honest people left in the world.” 

“When I found out she was a widow and was involved with the limousine crash, it was just heartbreaking,” Brubaker told Inside Edition. “She's already had so much loss. I'm just glad i was able to find the money and return it to her.”

Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino is also full of praise for the good Samaritan

“For Terri to step up and chase the money around and return it is just such a nice positive thing,” he told Inside Edition.