Woman Who Placed Sticker on Car Asking for Kidney Getting Offers From Strangers

She was shocked at the response.

A California woman has been forced to get creative in her efforts to find a kidney, now advertising her need on a car sign.

Rachel Young, 42, has kidney failure due to a rare complication from weight loss and must undergo dialysis four times a week. When she was put on three lists only to be told that the wait is 10-12 years, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She placed a sticker on her back windshield that reads, "I NEED A KIDNEY" along with her telephone number.

Her family members have also put the same sticker on their cars.

"I’ve gotten a ton of responses," Young told InsideEdition.com. "Some people have said they are praying for me. I’ve given packets to seven more people who have responded."

People who respond have to fill out a health questionnaire, which they then return to Young for her to submit to her doctors. Then it’s just a wait-and-see period.

Three people have submitted questionnaires so far, and Young is still meeting others to give them packets.

"It makes me cry," Young said. “It’s the hardest thing to talk about. The fact that a complete stranger would actually do this for me is so kind.”

She said that her campaign has increased her faith in humanity.