Woman Who Was Bridesmaid in 125 Weddings Says 'I Do'

Jen Glantz got married in front of a restaurant where she and her groom had their first date. The nuptials were planned in under a week.

As a professional bridesmaid, Jen Glantz has been in countless weddings — 125 over the past six years, to be exact. Recently, she finally got her turn at being a bride.

Glantz is hired when a couple needs to flesh out their bridal party.

“In all of these weddings, when I saw all of these things, it was less about me finding the perfect dress and doing the first dance and more about finding the right person,” Glantz said.

Glantz has finally found her groom. She met Adam Kossof online. They just got married in front of the restaurant where they had their first date. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, family and friends watched on Zoom.

"We ended up not having any bridesmaids, because we planned this wedding in under a week,” Glantz said. “That was sort of a joke on its own, that the ‘always a bridesmaid’ had no bridesmaids at her own wedding."