Women Patients Have Lower Chances of Post-Surgical Complication When Treated by Women Surgeon: Study

Group of doctors in a operating Group of doctors in a operating
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Women who had surgery performed by a male surgeon were more likely to have adverse outcomes than women operated on by female doctors.

A recent study in JAMA Surgery showed that women surgeons tend to have better outcomes for their patients. 

The results came from the analysis of U.S. and Canadian researchers who poured over data from more than 1.3 million patients in Ontario, Canada, seen between 2007 and 2019. 

The peer-reviewed journal shared that female patients treated by male surgeons had a higher chance of having more unfavorable outcomes than female patients treated by female surgeons.

This includes a 32% increase risk of death, 16% increase in major complications and 11% increase in readmission to the hospital within a 30-day window post-surgery.

Men had similar outcomes after operations regardless of surgeon gender, but the data showed a 13% increase in death when they had a male surgeon, compared to men treated by a female surgeon.

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