Women Reunited With Her Phone After It Gets Lost at a California Beach

Inside Edition was with the two women as they met for the first time.

A California woman who lost her phone at the beach was reunited with her device after someone found it submerged in 7 feet of water. 

Heather Pettis-Zimet was intrigued when she spotted the phone in the water off the coast of Hermosa Beach, and she was curious to know if it still worked and whom it belonged to. 

“I was thinking there was no way it would work, it was submerged by 7 feet of water, partially covered by sand,” she told Inside Edition. 

Despite her doubts, she brought the phone home and plugged it in and it worked. Staring back at her was a picture of a mom and her two children.

Armed with a new clue, she posted the photo on Facebook with a message: “Does anyone recognize anyone in the home screen photo so I can find the owner?”

The very next day, she got a message from Angelica Arteaga, who said it was her phone and that she had lost it at the beach three weeks earlier. She said she lost it after a wave hit her and the phone got out of her hand. 

“One of my friends tagged me on Facebook, somebody I hadn’t seen in years,” Arteaga told Inside Edition. “It was a picture of the screen saved that I had on my phone.” 

Inside Edition was with the two women as they met for the first time. Both expressed how surprised they were that the phone was found and could be returned.