'World's Chillest Man' Says He Asked Armed Robber to Get Him a Beer

Patron Tony Tovar spoke to Inside Edition about how he stayed so cool while a gunman robbed his neighborhood bar.

Tony Tovar is the guy who's become a national sensation as the "World's Chillest Man” after he lit up a cigarette at gunpoint as his neighborhood bar was being robbed

Tovar looked cool as a cucumber as the other patrons at Behrmann's Tavern in St. Louis followed the robber's orders and hit the deck last month. 

"Sometimes you just have to stand up to punks like that," he told Inside Edition. 

Tovar, who was on his phone when the gunman came in and pointed his weapon at him, said he wasn’t going to let anyone push him around.

“He was reaching for my phone and what is going through my mind is, 'This is not going to happen,'” he said.

The bar's surveillance video shows the 57-year-old master mechanic grabbing his phone back after the bad guy tried to take it.

So what did the suspect have to say?

“He said, ‘I am going to need the money [from] your wallet’ and I said, ‘I have $2 and that is for my next beer,’” Tovar recalled. “I actually told him ‘As long as you are back there, why don't you get me a beer?’ He said, 'No! Get your own beer!'" 

After taking money from other patrons, the robber forced the bartender to open the cash register. He took $200 while Tovar just sat there taking it all in.    

While he may have become a viral sensation, Tovar is warning others not to do what he did. 

“If you don’t want to get hurt and you are not sure, comply,” he said.