WWE Legend Tackled by Audience Member Inside Ring While Giving Hall of Fame Speech

Bret Hart did not need medical attention, and the suspect is in custody.

WWE legend Bret Hart, the "Hitman" of the famous Hart wrestling family, had his Hall of Fame moment violently interrupted Saturday when an audience member charged the ring and tackled him.

Hart was giving his induction speech beside niece Natalya Neidhart New York City's Barclays Center when a man jumped inside the ring and threw his arms around Hart's torso, wrestling him to the ground. 

The ceremony was being broadcast live on the WWE Network, and the footage cut to black as Hart was tackled.

In video of the incident posted to social media, Neidhart had grabbed her uncle's arm when she noticed the man had gotten onstage, and she fell to the ground as well.

WWE personnel rushed the ring to subdue the man. WWE workers and current wrestling stars could be seen dogpiling on the suspect while Hart and Neidhart were helped to their feet.

In the scuffle, the suspect was dragged off the ring and pulled out of the arena.

While a security guard suffered minor injuries, neither Hart nor Neidhart needed medical attention. They later returned to the podium and Hart finished his speech.

Neidhart honored her uncle in a tweet after the ceremony: "I’m so proud of my uncle @BretHart tonight during our HOF ceremony. Bret is a cancer survivor, a stroke survivor and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He didn’t deserve to be attacked or have his moment or my dad’s  diminished. We got it back on track. Thank you, guys."

The suspect is being held by the NYPD in Brooklyn, and he faces two counts of assault, one count of trespassing and a misdemeanor charge of violation of local law, CBS News reported.

The Hall of Fame ceremony was a lead up to WrestleMania 35, the WWE's biggest event of the year.