Yard in Southern California's San Fernando Valley Gets 'Hoarders'-Style Cleanup

A yard in Southern California's San Fernando Valley has gotten a "Hoarders"-style cleanup. After years of complaints from neighbors, the city stepped in to assist.

For one home in San Fernando Valley in Southern California, Spring cleaning couldn’t come soon enough.

Since 2018, residents complained about the trash and junk in and around one of the homes on a Granada Hill, California street. Neighbors state that sadly, the property owner’s son treated the space like a junkyard, and the mess accumulated.  There were even others who would stop by and dispose of their unwanted items there.

Over the past few years, several neighbors have reached out to file complaints. At least 11 complaints are on record, including one for illegally operating a business out of a house.

Things got so bad that police officers, fire inspectors and the television show "Hoarders" have even gotten involved. At one point, officers with the Los Angeles Police Department was spotted interviewing neighbors.

Now the city has stepped in, and clean up was conducted, and neighbors are relieved. "Oh, so excited. I can't even tell you. I feel Iike, you know, our prayers have finally been answered," resident Sylvia Meldonian said.

"And, you know, we don't have to see when we open our doors or go by and people coming around," She added. "Like people drive by, and they take pictures like it's a it's a…Disneyland or something.”

The home isn’t spotless, but they are well on their way. Most of the trash from the front yard is gone, and six large garbage bins have been filled. The backyard, however, still has piles of garbage all over. There is also a big blue dumpster that sits in front of the home.

According to the homeowner, there are plans to clean up the backyard, but no official date has been set. The city sanitation department has yet to comment on the situation.