Young Girl Delivers Devastating Defeat to Police Officers During Dance-Off

“We were limited with our pants,” Officer Belita Salters said.

Police don’t usually get involved in conflict unless it were to stop it, but how could they resist when the Boys and Girls Club of Lake City, South Carolina, challenged them to a dance-off?

Officer Belita Salters and some colleagues from the Lake City Police Department could be seen in the middle of a group of 75 or 80 kids, showing off their best moves.

Salters told that their original intention was an afternoon of playing pool and ping pong: “We were just playing around and we started [dance] battling a little bit and it went from there."

Unfortunately, it became clear the kids were the unanimous winners of the battle when one of the young challenges strutted a jump move that landed in splits.

“We were limited with our pants,” Salters said, blaming that for their brutal loss. "[Besides,] if I get down there, will I get back up?"

The police department explained that informal afternoons with their community are crucial to connecting with the young members of their community.

“The kids are our future,” Salters said. “Seeing us being able to interact with the kids makes a big difference with everybody.”

And, next time the officers come around, Salters explained she’ll definitely “put on some tights to show them my moves.”