Youngest Firefighter in Town Revives Co-Worker With Techniques He Learned Just a Month Earlier

Volunteer firefighter Daniel Dowty, 18, is also finishing his high school education, where he is a senior.

A teen firefighter in a Wisconsin town has proven age is just a number while saving the life of one of his co-workers.

Daniel Dowty, 18, is the youngest member of the Grafton Fire Department.

He joined the ranks as a part-time volunteer, and balances the job with his life as a high school senior.

“Daniel does a very good job around here," Fire Chief Bill Rice told "And he’s an exceptional individual."

He became certified less than a month ago, and his equipment remains brand new and untouched by smoke, according to WDJT But the skills he has picked up as a result of his time with the department came in handy earlier this month when a co-worker at his second job at a local Shopko department store suddenly fell unconscious.

“He was working in the storage room when he heard some commotion, maybe somebody falling,” Rice explained. “He went over to check, and noticed it was a co-worker who collapsed.”

The co-worker was apparently unconscious and didn't have as pulse, Rice said. After calling for help, Dowty immediately began administering CPR.

It was only minutes before paramedics arrived, but authorities believed that Dowty’s initial attempts at resuscitating his co-worker saved his life.

“When you look at the survival rates of people who are pulseless, non-breathing, early CPR is the key to reviving those people,” Rice said. “In this case, Daniel was able to provide early CPR, and that’s why he made a difference.”

Thankfully, his co-worker is recovered and has since returned to work.

Dowty, who has been involved with the fire department since he was around 14 years old, said he plans to attend University of Wisconsin to study natural resources.

In addition, he hopes he can also apply to be a full-time firefighter once he finishes high school.