Your Mother Was Right – How Bad Posture Is Killing You and What You Can Do to Correct It

These simple steps can improve your quality of life.

Physical therapist Tony D'Angelo says one in 10 people suffer from back pain, and it's mostly due to how they sit at work.

Speaking to Inside Edition, D’Angelo spoke to the age-old rumor that bad posture can kill you.

“Literally, over time, it can,” he said. 

Mallory Wattenberg, 25, who works in marketing, concedes that she has bad posture — and when the pain would escalate, she would describe it as a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1-10.

She has been able to strengthen her back with the help of physical therapy and squats with a medicine ball.

D’Angelo says anyone who is experiencing back pain they should work the medicine ball routine into their regular workouts. 

Yet, there is also a simple and immediate fix if you're having discomfort.

He says to hunch over as much as you can, then sit up as tall as you can, pull your shoulders back as far as you can go and sit back, which will create good posture. 

He also suggests placing a rolled up towel behind you for back support while you're seated.   

You might also think about a standing desk or one that brings your computer screen to eye level.

And always remember: No slouching.