YouTuber Simone Giertz, Creator of 'S***ty Robots,' Undergoes Brain Surgery for Tumor

The procedure was a success.

YouTuber Simone Giertz, the creator of "S***ty Robots,” underwent brain surgery for a non-cancerous tumor.

After announcing she had the tumor in April, Giertz posted a YouTube video before her surgery Wednesday. She jokingly said she couldn’t wait to see pictures of her brain because she's sure it’s beautiful.

"I'm pretty scared," Giertz also said. "But that's the healthy response to the prospect of having your skull cut open."

On her Twitter account after the surgery, a post said doctors were “very pleased” with the outcome.

On Saturday, the star posted on Instagram saying she was back home and "feeling miserable," but her eyes are working.

Giertz initially thought the swelling she was experiencing behind her right eye was due to allergies, but tests revealed she had a golf ball-sized tumor.

She kept her humor after the diagnosis, however, even naming her tumor, “Brian the Brain Tumor.”

It was an eight- to 12-hour surgery to remove the malignant tumor, reports said.

Giertz is known for her robotic creations, which she creates to perform tasks improperly.

"You came here for s***ty robots, but all you get is s***ty jokes about s***ty health," she said in a video announcing her diagnosis. "Everything's gonna be fine."