Zara Rutherford, 19-Year-Old Pilot on Solo Journey to Circle the Globe, Lands in Costa Rica

The British-Belgian pilot set off from Belgium on August 18 and had over two months left in her journey.

Pilot Zara Rutherford is closer and closer to circling the globe. And she recently described what landing in Costa Rica was like.

"Flying into Costa Rica was amazing,” she said. “It's a really beautiful country. It's a shame I can't stay longer; I wish I could. I couldn't talk to anyone on the radio for a long time actually, cause there was a mountain in the way.”

Zara Rutherford is only 19, but she’s on her way to becoming the youngest female to fly solo around the world.

The British-Belgian pilot set off from Belgium on August 18 and has since made her way across the Atlantic.

At times, she says it’s a lonely journey. 

"On the long legs and especially over water, from Iceland to Greenland was about four hours, just over water and very low as well. And then you get quite lonely because there's no radio contact, there's nothing, there's nobody there. It's just you and the plane."

Zara still has over two months to go on her journey but says she’s going to keep going so other girls can know what they’re capable of. 

“Being there and having them see me fly. They can think that there's a girl flying and that I can do that too. That's what I'm trying to achieve."

After departing Costa Rica, Zara made her way down to Mexico en route to the southwest United States in the coming days. 

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