Zoom Blunders in the Age of COVID-19: Shirtless Lawyers, Flatulence and Naked Spouses

Zoom meetings are the new normal during the coronavirus crisis.
Zoom meetings are the new normal during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.Getty

Using Zoom in the workplace has led to memorable, and mortifying, moments.

Memo to self during Zoom meetings: put some darn clothes on, hit the mute button when not talking, and make sure there is a towel in the bathroom before stepping in the shower.

As the coronavirus pandemic forces much of America's workforce to toil from home, some folks have learned the hard way that they can actually be seen and heard by those on the other end of live Zoom video meetings.

This week, a Florida judge in Broward County wrote a stern letter to lawyers appearing online in his court hearings. Put a shirt on! he admonished. And get out of bed!