1 Woman Dies, Another Rescued by Officers After Home Explodes in New York

An NYPD officer’s bodycam caught the entire rescue as it occurred.

When a house exploded in the Bronx, the search was on for people who may have been inside. 

An NYPD officer’s bodycam caught the moment he rushed into the house to try to help when he heard a woman was trapped under a couch. 

He and other officers tried to locate the victim by her cries for help. They then lifted the couch off of her and carried her out of the house. 

Officials say a 77-year-old woman died in the explosion, and two others were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. 

Five police officers were also treated for smoke inhalation. 

While officials are still investigating, New York’s mayor says it is being looked at like a gas explosion, and no criminality is suspected at this time. 

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