10-Week-Old Child May Become Youngest Person to Visit All 50 States

The family has already visited several U.S. states.

A 10-week-old girl may become the youngest person to visit all 50 states, thanks to her parents.

Harper Yeats embarked on her epic road trip with her parents Cindy Lim, 32, and Tristan Yeats, 34, in the family’s Jeep Cherokee on June 17.

“I think traveling is a fantastic way to use your maternity leave," said Lim, who works as a school assistant.

Yeats took leave from his job as a civil engineer to hit the road as well.

The family has already visited 13 states — including New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine — and has several more months of traveling ahead of them.

The couple used their savings to fund the trip and hope the adventure will see Harper set a Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to visit all 50 U.S. states.

After stumbling across a list of people who have done so, the mom and dad didn’t see anyone as young as Harper on the list.

“We have been living in Toronto for two and a half years and after we had Harper in April, we made sure she was gaining weight and completely healthy before we made the decision to go,” Lim said.

They put all their belongings in storage and have been traveling since.

"Harper is really patient and lets me take a picture of her in every state," Lim said. "This trip is more about making memories as a family."

The family has utilized Airbnb as they travel. They often stay in the suburbs of major cities to cut costs and try to eat out once a day.

Yeats and Lim have learned the challenges of traveling with a baby.

"If a journey is meant to be three hours long, it takes double that with a baby,” Yeats said.

But, the couple said they are lucky that Harper is "easygoing."

“She does have her bad days but mostly she’s a good travel partner,” Lim said.