10-Year-Old Boy Sells His Toys to Help His Sick Service Dog

Credit: Jennifer Jayne
Credit: Jennifer Jayne

The dog is currently in therapy.

A 10-year-old boy in New York sold his toys in order to try to save the life of his beloved canine. 

Copper is Connor Jayne’s service and emotional support dog and the animal helps the 10-year-old with his anxiety attacks as well as nocturnal seizures. 

So when the canine began limping in June and the family found out the Doberman may have Wobbler Disease, a disease of the cervical spine, Connor jumped into action to help pay for the expensive tests and treatments Copper will need.

He told his mom he wanted to sell is toys to help so he held a garage sale in late June. 

“He went and cleaned out his entire playroom and because that’s what he wanted,” Jennifer Jayne, Connor’s mom, told InsideEdition.com. “He is that type of kid.”

His mom said she had to hold onto some of his toys so Connor wouldn’t be left with none. Connor also made lemonade and treats to sell.

“He was quite the little salesman,” Jayne said. “He said the dog was more important than any toys.”

The family has had Copper since Connor was six years old. The canine was the first one to alert the family, by barking, that Connor was having seizures at night. He also lays on top of Connor during anxiety attacks to calm him down.

"They are best friends and always there for each other," Jayne said.

Copper is currently undergoing laser therapy to improve his mobility.

The family has also started a GoFundMe for the dog’s expenses.

“Your donations have helped make this therapy possible!” Jayne wrote on the page.