10-Year-Old Episode of 'The Office' Helps Save Arizona Woman’s Life

Who says television can’t be educational?

Who says television can’t be educational?

A man saved a woman’s life, claiming what he saw on a 2009 episode of “The Office” helped him do it.

Cross Scott was at a light in Tucson, Arizona, when he said he noticed a car on the side of the road with its hazard lights on and a woman slumped over in the driver’s seat.

According to The Arizona Daily Star, the auto shop technician sensed something was wrong. Scott then pulled over. Once he walked over to the car, he noticed it was rolling and placed a large rock in front of it.

Quickly, Scott noticed the woman was unconscious. Two women in another car passing by saw what was happening and called 911.

During that time, Scott broke the window with a rock and unlocked the door.

One of the women reclined the driver’s seat. At that point, all Scott said he could think of was an episode of “The Office,” where Michael Scott (no relation) sings the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” while doing CPR on a test dummy.

The song’s beat matches the correct tempo for chest compressions.

Scott performed the same act on the woman, who took a breath before vomiting.

Paramedics arrived minutes later and took her to the hospital. Scott said one of the responding medics told him that if he hadn’t acted as quickly as he did, the situation would have turned out very differently.

As for why Scott decided to help out, he said his mother, who passed away from cancer, was his inspiration.

“When my mom got sick and my little sister started growing up, I looked at females a lot differently,” he said. “Now when I look at a girl, I imagine, what if that was my sister on the side of the road or my mom on the side of the road? Unfortunately my mom isn’t here to see that, but it’s mainly for her. To be honest, it’s all for her.”

Scott also went to the hospital after his shift to make sure the woman was alright.

He said he’d like to be officially trained in CPR.