Explorer Interrupts Tortoise Mating Leading to Slowest Chase Ever

The animal didn't appreciate being spied on and became protective.

When National Geographic expedition leader Paul Rose stumbled upon tortoises mating on the remote island nation of Seychelles, he felt he had encountered something extraordinary.

In a video captured as part of NatGeo’s The Pristine Seas Expedition, Rose said, “How lucky is that?”

While Rose enjoyed the animals in their natural habitat, the male tortoise didn’t appreciate being spied on and became protective.

Tortoises are generally the longest living animals in the world and can weigh up to 600 pounds. Due to their size, speed isn’t in their DNA.

The tortoise began to chase Rose, and it became the slowest attack ever. While the land dwelling animal didn’t give up on going after Rose, the explorer and his camera man easily managed to get away from the embarrassed and clearly upset creature.