Candice Bergen Comes Out: 'I Am Fat!'

And she doesn't care.

Actress Candice Bergen has an announcement to make.

"Let me come right out and say it, I am fat," she said.

That's right, the 68-year-old star says she's gained 30 pounds - and more to the point she couldn't care less.

In her new memoir, A Fine Romance, she wrote, "I am a champion eater. Dieting is not for me."

Bergen was once considered one of Hollywood's great beauties.

Her most famous role was as TV's "Murphy Brown."

Her last known TV appearance was in December on The Talk with Alan Alda.

On The Talk today, her new memoir was a hot talking point.

Julie Chen said, "Candice also calls out her thin friends for the extreme ways they stay slender saying, 'They maintain their weight by routinely vomiting after major meals. I am incapable of this.'"