Would You Wear a Big Mac? McDonald's Gets Into the Fashion World

Items have already sold out!

You might like to eat a McDonald’s Big Mac, but would you wear one?

The fast food chain has launched a fashion line of Big Mac patterned clothing.

It was released during the McWalk Fashion Show in Stockholm, Sweden, with models donning clothing, raincoats and even dogs got in on the action with their own outerwear.

It's not just clothing, it's also a lifestyle brand with pillows, blankets and wallpaper. The products range in price from $50-$60.

The collection was originally designed for the McDonald’s sponsorship of the Swedish Alpine and Cross Country ski team.

The collection is part of McDonald’s 24-hour “imlovinit24” campaign, which was celebrated in 24 cities around the globe. Profits are being donated to Ronald McDonald House charities.

It's so popular that items have already been sold out!  We can only hope that we'll be able to purchase these items in the U.S. soon!