Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Gave Italian Model Ticket To His Broadway Show

He reportedly told her he would be backstage.

The shocking groping claim that this beautiful model is making against famed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is taking a surprising turn today.

Twenty-two-year-old Ambra Battilana posted this instagram photo of a free ticket Weinstein reportedly gave her to see his new Broadway musical Finding Neverland, telling her he would be backstage during the show.

The ticket was for the Saturday, March 28th matinee at 2 p.m. in a prime sixth row center seat that costs $227.

Battilana attended the theater just 14 hours after a private meeting at Weinstein's office where she claims he touched her breasts and put his hand up her skirt and asked her for a kiss.  

After Finding Neverland was over, Battilana went to the bar at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, reportedly to meet up with Weinstein. She posted this photo of an empty glass: "Having a drink. Aka #water.  #water only."

Cops were reportedly waiting for Weinstein at the swanky hotel and took him in for questioning, leading to speculation that Battilana may have lured him there. 

Another woman claims Bill Cosby raped her.

Weinstein is one of the most powerful filmmakers in Hollywood. His Oscar-winning movies include The King's Speech and Shakespeare In Love.

Weinstein has not been charged and adamantly denies Battilana's allegations. Sources close to him have called it "attempted blackmail."

It turns out that the Italian model has made similar claims before.

She told Italian police in 2010 that she was "forced against her will" into having sex for money with a 70-year-old "businessman of substantial means" when she was under 18. The Italian businessman admitted to the relationship in court, but said it was consensual.

Battilana's attorney Mark Heller, who has represented actress Lindsay Lohan, said in a statement: "Regrettably, like many sex-crimes victims, she is being inappropriately branded and persecuted for coming forward to report an act of sexual abuse perpetrated against her."