Barbara Walters Says Monica Lewinsky Would Be 'Great' on 'The View'

But will viewers tune in for Monica Lewinksy?

Can Monica Lewinsky save The View?

The show's creator, Barbara Walters reportedly thinks the show would be a "runaway success" with the former White House intern as a co-host.

According to, Walters has reached out to ABC executives to convince them Lewinsky should be hired.

A source told the Daily Mail, "Barbara believes that Monica, 41, could make The View competitive and compelling and while a lot of Washington's elite may scratch the show off its must-visit press list, the younger demographic of online users would tune in daily to see what she had to say."

This is what Walters told David Letterman last year, “I think it would be great if she were on The View. I wouldn’t expect it tomorrow."

A rep for Lewinsky is shooting down reports saying, "This is obviously not happening."

A rep from the show would only tell INSIDE EDITION, "Monica has been invited to be a 'guest' on the show to talk about her anti-bullying project."