Angry Vet Goes Off on Panhandler in Uniform

Watch what this vet has to say.

Take off my uniform! It's a confrontation on the street as an Army vet confronts a guy he believes is a fake. Garrett Goodwin, a former Army medic, spotted the panhandler in military fatigues at a busy intersection in Tampa.

Goodwin: "You're not a veteran."
Panhandler: "Yes I am."
Goodwin: "No. You're a piece of **** is what you are."

Goodwin told INSIDE EDITION, "I saw a gentleman in uniform with a sign that said 'Army veteran, homeless needs help.'  I realized pretty quick that this was probably stolen valor."

He got out of his car to go face-to-face with the panhandler, and it got loud!

Goodwin: "Show me your veteran's ID card."
Panhandler: "I don't have it sir."
Goodwin: "Show me your veteran's ID card."
Panhandler: "I don't have one sir."
Goodwin: "Then take off my uniform."
Panhandler: "Yes sir. Yes sir."
Goodwin: "Right now."

He does as he's told, but Goodwin doesn't let up!

"That's my uniform. My brothers died for that uniform. You don't seem to understand that do you?" yelled Goodwin.
Panhandler: "I do understand that."
Goodwin: "I don't think you do!"

Now some are saying Goodwin went too far, calling him a 'bully.'

"I appreciate your service but you lost my respect for the way you handled yourself," wrote one person who watched the video on YouTube.

"This poor guy deserves our pity, not anger,"  wrote another. "Pick on someone your own size."

"I think he's bullying people at this intersection when he walks up to the window in full military uniform and he's bullying their heartstrings and bullying their sympathies," Goodwin explained to INSIDE EDITION.

Angry veterans everywhere are taking steps to expose alleged imposters. An ugly exchange happened last year at a mall in Pennsylvania.

One veteran said to another imposter, "Why don't you just admit you're a phony! "I've worn that [blank] uniform and I've had friends get killed in Afghanistan wearing that [blank] uniform!"

Now it's happened again.

"Take off my uniform!" Goodwin exclaimed.