Watch This Girl Attempt To Kiss Total Strangers in Grand Central Station

"Let's hope I don't get punched!"

New York’s Grand Central Station is one of the busiest train stations in the world. Now, imagine you are there and a total stranger came up to you and tried to give you a kiss. How would you react? Like most people, you would probably act very surprised.

In an experiment done by New York comedian Farah Brook, she pulled off the experiment and posted her adventure on YouTube in a video called “Kiss Me NYC.”

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She started the video saying, “We’re going to kiss some people in Grand Central! Let’s hope I don’t get punched!”

Brook walked up to unsuspecting men and women pretending to be lost and asking for directions and waited for the perfect moment to give them a kiss.

As the music of Sixpence None the Richer’s late 90’s hit, “Kiss Me” plays in the video, Brook’s results are hilarious and extremely awkward.

After a few failed attempts, she finally landed her movie ending kiss on a bearded man.

It was a happy ending for Brook and we are glad she didn’t get punched!