Miracle Survivor! How This Man Lived 66 Days Clinging to Capsized Boat

His family had almost given up hope.

If you don't believe in miracles, here's how this lucky guy survived 66 days lost at sea.

Things went haywire for Louis Jordan when he was rocked by a sudden storm that capsized his 35-foot sailboat.

"I was just praying to God, please protect me," Louis told reporters. "The whole boat had turned around. I was flying through the air, somersaulting. The ceiling was the floor, the floor was the ceiling. This side was the other side and everything was upside down and backwards."

It was a real-life crisis straight out of the Robert Redford movie All Is Lost.

Louis' boat righted itself, but the mast was broken, and so was his collarbone. He was hopelessly adrift!

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How did he survive 66 days at sea?

Louis said, "I did collect seaweed. I found little crabs and little critters living in the seaweed. They tasted good. The fish were attracted to the seaweed. They'd swim into the seaweed and I'd scoop them up with my casting net."

Collecting rainwater was crucial.

Jordan explained, "I was so thirsty, and I was almost out of water. Every day I'd say, 'Please God, send me some rain, send me some water!' "

The boat capsized two more times during his ordeal.

On Thursday, it all came to a miraculous end when Jordan was spotted by a container ship which rescued him 200 miles east of Cape Hatteras.

The Coast Guard was notified and sent a rescue chopper.  The first thing Jordan did was phone his dad.

Dad: "Hey, hey, Louis. I haven't heard you in so long!"

Louis: "Oh, man, nice to hear your voice!"

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Believe it or not, Jordan apologized for the damage to the boat. "I couldn't fix it. I couldn't sail back with my boat. I'm so sorry, it's such a big loss."

Jordan's father said, "Hey, Louis, you're fine, son. I'm so glad that you're alive!"

INSIDE EDITION asked Louis' father, "What was it like to get that call from your son?'

"Well, it was a real shock. As I had begun to decide after more than two months that he may never come home," said his father.

But Louis' sister, Emily never lost hope. She told INSIDE EDITION, "We all knew that if he was on the boat, he was alive because he has the mental focus, the physical capacity to figure out how to make it home."

Louis was taken to a hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, where he was treated for dehydration. Overall, he's in remarkably good shape.

When Louis and dad met, they embraced. Mom told the Today show she had almost given up hope. "It's been terrible. You live moment to moment, and those moments turn into days."

A happy ending to a nightmare at sea.