Video May Show Officer Plant Evidence After He Shot An Unarmed Black Man in Back

Did Michael Slager attempt to cover up a crime after he shot the unarmed man in the back?

Did Officer Michael Slager attempt to cover-up a crime?

Cell phone video of the shooting that is shocking America appears to show that the North Charleston police officer may have planted evidence to try and justify shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott, moments after he opened fire on the man.

In the video, Slager said, "Shots fired. Subject is down. He grabbed my taser."

In the video, two men appeared, at first,  to be engaged in a struggle and what looks like a taser fell to the ground.

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Walter Scott fled. That's when the cop pulled out his gun and fired, eight times.

As Scott lay dying, Slager handcuffed him. He didn't administer first aid, instead he jogged back for the object that had fallen on the ground.

He then dropped it by Walter’s body. Could it be the taser? Was he was trying to fix the crime scene?

Before the videotape surfaced, Officer Slager's attorney, David Aylor, claimed that he followed police protocol, and only fired because "He felt threatened."

But then the video surfaced and changed everything. Slager was arrested and has now been charged with murder and his attorney quit!

Attorney David Aylor told INSIDE EDITION, "As of yesterday, I have removed myself from his council."

Former New York City police officer Tom Verni has analyzed the video.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "Was there anything justifiable from what the police officer did?"

Verni said, "From what we are seeing here, there doesn't seem to be anything justifiable, using his firearm at this point. Even if the taser was ineffective, he could chase him, maybe re-taser him, use another tool, perhaps pepper spray."

There were spontaneous protests on the streets of North Charleston on Wednesday. Echoes of the anger expressed in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City, not so very long ago.

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The mayor of North Charleston was shouted down at a press conference as he attempted to reassure people that the shooting would be fully investigated.

People chanted "The Mayors got to go! The Mayors got to go!"