Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python

He even travels through space!

Famed physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking took a break from science to sing and star in a Monty Python music video.

Hawking sings in his signature computerized voice “Galaxy Song” from Monty Python's 1983 classic, The Meaning Of Life.

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In the music video, the scientist can be seen traveling through space and the video also features some of the Monty Python live shows.

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The song was recorded to celebrate this weekend’s upcoming Record Store Day, where independent record stores in the U.S. and U.K. will release limited edition 7” singles and vinyl LP’s.

This isn’t Stephen Hawking’s first venture into music, he was featured on the Pink Floyd song “Talkin’ Hawkin,’” and was the inspiration for Radiohead’s track “Fitter Happier.”