Seven-Year-Old 'Star Wars' Fan Asks George Lucas To Allow Jedis to Marry, And Got An Answer

The Force is with this little Jedi.

Seven-year-old Colin Gilpatric wants to be a Jedi knight. He also wants to get married.

When he learned that as a Jedi, he would not be allowed to get married because it could draw him to the Dark Side of The Force, he wrote a letter to George Lucas asking him to change the Jedi code.

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Colin's mom, Peggy Gilpatric spoke with INSIDE EDITION about her son, who has autism

"With Colin, he was obsessing about it. Finally, I was like, you know what, write to George Lucas and tell him how you feel and that's all that you can do," she said.

A few weeks later, he actually got a response from Lucas in the mail. The letter included some Star Wars comic books, a picture of George Lucas, and Lucas' response.

"It sounds like the Force is strong with you, and you are showing great wisdom by asking your question. When you find someone that you can connect to in a selfless way, then you are on the path of the light....with this goodness in your heart, you can be married."

Peggy explained how Colin's love of Star Wars began.

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"He started watching the movies and it’s kind of helped us. A lot of autistic kids have a hard time understand processing emotions and the entire Star Wars universe has helped us that way. It’s very black and white. There’s a dark side and good side."

She continued, "It helped open up a dialogue about it feelings and emotions. There is a conception that some autistic kids don’t have emotions, but they do. It’s just finding the right outlet for them and the right way to express it."

The video of Colin's reaction is going viral and he's already making plans for his wedding. In fact, he's been asking girls at his school to marry him, which got him in a little bit of trouble.