Playboy Model Veteran Taken Down by Cops after Seizing American Flag at Protest

Air Force veteran and former Playboy model Michelle Manhart was arrested after a scuffle with the police at Valdosta State University.

It's a struggle over the stars and stripes, and the woman at the center is, of all things, a former Playboy model.

Michelle Manhart is an Air Force veteran who confronted student protesters at Valdasta State University in Georgia after she says they trampled on the flag.

One protester said, "That's not yours."

Manhart responded, "Actually, it is. This belongs actually to the entire United States."

Then, the scuffle with police began as she walked away with the flag and the crowd and police surrounded her. It took three officers to take her down and force her to release the flag.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Michelle Manhart and her daughter, Anika, who shot the video. She said, "I was so tunnel-visioned on getting that flag and removing it from the situation. My goal was to get that out of the picture and let them continue with their fight."

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Michelle Manhart is no stranger to controversy. The Air Force demoted her after she posed naked for Playboy Magazine in 2007.  She resigned from the military the following year in 2008.

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Manhart has not been charged, but she has been banned from the Georgia campus.