Jon Stewart Sets His Final 'Daily Show' Date

Stewart also reveals his biggest regret as host.

After 16 years hosting The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has announced that his final episode will be August 6.

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Stewart made the announcement at the end of Monday’s show and said, “I will be wearing a suit. I will more than likely be showered.” The audience jeered at his announcement and Stewart quickly reacted by saying, “I’m sorry, I will be wearing overalls and I won’t shower. So I hope that you will join us for that program.”

Stewart has hosted The Daily Show since 1999 and in February he declared he was leaving this year and will be replaced by South African comedian Trevor Noah. No start date for Noah has been set.

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While Stewart gets ready to wind down his tenure at late night Comedy Central show, he recently spoke to The Guardian and revealed his one regret while at The Daily Show.

He told the British newspaper that he wished he questioned former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld harder about the Bush administration's post-9/11 conflicts when Rumsfeld came on the show in 2011.

"I should have pushed, but he’s very adept at deflecting. That interview with Rumsfeld went [expletive], but it’s still just an interview. He’s the one who has to live with the repercussions of what he really did, so there’s nothing that could happen on my show that carries that same level of regret,” Stewart said.