Mom Creates Enchanting Photos of Her Daughter as a Disney Princess

"As an artist it's really exciting to see your work going viral, I think it's even more amazing that it was a personal project."

One mother has taken her daughter’s love of all things Disney and turned it into reality. Florida mom Kristina Bewley has been taking her four-year-old daughter, Giselle, to Disney World nearly every month since September 2014 and has immersed her in the enchanting world of the fictional characters.

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Giselle has Down syndrome and loves going to frolic in the magical world. Kristina is a photographer who works with children with special needs. She began sewing costumes for her daughter and would go to Disney World and have Giselle pose with the characters at the theme parks.

“I thought it would be really cute to make my daughter stuff and do the same for her. I bought a sewing machine and taught myself how to sew by watching YouTube videos,” Kristina told INSIDE EDITION.

The photos have now gone viral and Kristian says, “As an artist it’s really exciting to see your work going viral. I think it’s even more amazing that it was a personal project. It wasn’t just my photography, it’s my daughter and my costuming and our little family project that we’re doing for us, it wasn’t structured idea, it was just this fun project we were doing for us and it just makes it even more magical."

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Giselle lights up every time she goes to the theme park and is with the characters.  After Kristina snaps her shots, and with a little help from photo editing, Giselle looks like she is right on the silver screen.

Kristina said, "I’m excited and I hope that people take away that I don’t not want people to see her disability but I don’t want people to make a big deal about it its part of who she is, accepting disabilities isn’t acting like it doesn’t exist. I want her to be treated normal but I want people to celebrate her differences.”

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