Watch Cops Handcuff this Mom while She Begs them to Find her Kidnapped Son

Police handcuffed and arrested a mother as she begged them to search for her kidnapped 8-year-old son.

She's a frantic mom whose 8-year-old son has just been kidnapped and she was in a nasty confrontation with police outside her home.

She was heard in a video, saying, "Stop talking to me, take some [expletive] action, please! Show me that you're looking!"

Cops were heard telling her to "quiet down before you go to jail."

She responded, saying, "For what? For yelling? For being [expletive] emotional?"

The confrontation took place shortly after her car had been stolen as it was parked in the driveway of her home outside San Francisco.

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The car thief apparently did not realize that little Brock Guzman was asleep in the back seat.

Police body-cams recorded the drama as officers went to the house to investigate.

The mom, Suzanne Guzman, refused to let cops in.

The mother said, "My son is missing and you should be finding him."

"We have thousands of cops searching the streets," said one of the officers.

She added, "Well, I'm not letting you come in my house, especially when my husband's not here either, okay? It's not [expletive] happening!"

The cops tried to explain to the mom that searching a missing child's home is routine.

She said, "My son is not here."

An officer said, "Okay but if we went in and verified that - do you know how many parents tell us that and we find their kids inside the house?"

Things finally boiled over when one officer peered into the home and said, "That looks like blood on the carpet."

"Oh my God, that is [expletive] fingernail polish," Suzanne responded.

Just then, her husband, Paul, returned home. He recorded the distressing scene on his cell phone. His screaming wife was being put in cuffs as she was pinned on the ground.

Paul Guzman was also cuffed for allegedly interfering with the police.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the parents. 

Suzanne showed us the bruises on her arms and talked about her emotional state as she faced the cops.

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She told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "It was just straight tunnel-vision. My boy is in my car somewhere and I need him."

When Moret asked the obvious question, "Why wouldn't you just say, 'sure go on in, look, he's not there.'"

Paul answered, saying, "Because I have two dogs and one of them, if I'm not present and introduce him, he will bite and he is very protective of the family."

Police say they tried to be sympathetic, but they were left with no choice. One officer said, "We totally understand that this is the worst case scenario for everyone involved. It's the worst case scenario for the parents, this is one of the most stressful things they can go through - but there are basic investigative steps we need to take."

Fortunately, after being missing for three house, little Brock was found safe and sound. The car had been abandoned by the thief.

It was a happy scene as Brock was reunited with his parents, who were released without being charged.

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