Al-Qaeda Minister of Propaganda Killed by Drone Strike was Raised in Affluent California Neighborhood

American-born al Qaeda Minister of Propaganda Adam Gadahn was killed by a drone strike.

The nation reacted to the extraordinary news that a notorious American traitor has been killed in a drone attack.

Southern California-raised Adam Gadahn is infamous for hate-filled video rants made while he was minister of propaganda for al-Qaeda.

Gadahn had a million dollar reward on his head. He was killed accidentally in a CIA drone strike.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, "Mr. Gadahn had filed himself as a prominent spokesperson for al-Qaeda."

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The American traitor grew up on a goat farm about 90 miles outside Los Angeles. He also lived in Orange County, one of the nation's most affluent communities.

In his teens, Gadahn became disillusioned with America and converted to Islam at a mosque in Orange County.

Gadahn's videos were polished and sophisticated. INSIDE EDITION learned that he actually picked up professional TV skills in his teenage years by working on a cable TV show produced by his aunt.

"I encouraged him to help on my TV show," his aunt told INSIDE EDITION.

When INSIDE EDITION interviewed the aunt, Nancy Pearlman, in 2004, she told us that 15-year-old Gadahn even co-hosted her Emmy-nominated environmentalist show, EcoNews.

The FBI reportedly identified Gadahn by comparing his voice as a teenager to his video threats.

His family was said to be horrified by his terrorist activities. His younger brother posted a video diary on YouTube.

He said, "My brother is Adam Gadahn, also known as 'Azzam the American.' It is a real bad light on my family."

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We broke the news that Gadahn was dead to his aunt, but she did not comment and continued with her jog.

Gadahn's name was not mentioned during President Obama's announcement Tuesday, but he apologized for the accidental death of another American, Warren Weinstein, who was kidnapped by al Qaeda in 2011 while working for the U.S. Agency for International Development in Pakistan.

President Obama said, "He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather who willingly left the comforts of home to help the people of Pakistan."

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