Grandmother Has the Greatest Reaction to Puppy Surprise

When a family surprised their grandma Helen with a new puppy, she couldn't contain her excitement.

A grandmother had the shock of her life when her family surprised her with a puppy.

Helen was so overjoyed to receive "Jenni" the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, because she had one that looked just like her that passed away in February.  

Unfortunately, she also lost her cat a few weeks later. She has been very upset due to these recent events, but the arrival of the new puppy has clearly lifted her spirits.

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In a video posted by her granddaughter, Nicole, on YouTube, Helen was so surprised she covered her mouth and repeatedly yelled out “Oh my God!”

She told INSIDE EDITION, "At first our family contacted local shelters to see if they had any Cavalier breed dogs and at that time nobody had any cavaliers. So then we looked into breeders.”

Nicole wrote on YouTube that she and her mom traveled six hours to Canterbury Cavaliers in New Hampshire to pick up the new puppy and surprise her.

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"I truly believe that when you get an animal it’s yours for the life of the family and something that our family has always done," Nicole said.

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