Here's What Kim Kardashian and Others Are Saying About Bruce Jenner Becoming a Woman

Reaction is pouring in from family and beyond.

Kim Kardashian is speaking out about Bruce Jenner's big announcement that he's becoming a woman.

In Bruce's interview with Diane Sawyer, he said, "My brain is much more female than it is male. It's hard for people to understand that. But that's what my soul is."

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"He has the biggest heart and I'm really happy for him that he's living his life the way he wants to live it," said Kim.

Appearing on the Today show, Kim denied reports that the family is divided. She actually brought lunch to Bruce at his Malibu mansion over the weekend.

"It's all really so made up. We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes," said Kim.

The Diane Sawyer interview was a ratings bonanza for ABC with nearly 17 million viewers!

Even Jenner's first wife, Chrystie Scott watched the show with Bruce and their two children. She was with her ex when he won Olympic gold in 1976. She told Good Morning America that watching the interview was gut-wrenching.

"He was tearful. It broke my heart. I reached over and tried to give him bit of comfort. I'm getting all emotional. It broke my heart for him. It was sad," said Scott.

Wife number two, Linda Thompson, is also opening up. In a Huffington Post column, Linda, now 64, writes, "Bruce came to me one day with a very somber look on his face and said, 'There's something about me that I really need to tell you, something you need to know.' ...Bruce told me that he identified as a woman."

Bruce's third ex-wife, Kris Jenner tweeted: "Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero."

Bruce's children, and step kids expressed their support for him. Khloe Kardashian, who Jenner says, had the most trouble accepting his transformation, tweeted, "Bruzer, I'm soooo proud of you!"

Daughter Kendall called him, "My hero."

From daughter Kylie, "You are so brave."

But Kim Kardashian's player Kris Humphries caused a firestorm when he tweeted "Man, I'm glad I got out when I did."

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He was quick to backtrack after the resulting firestorm on social media. He tweeted: "I have and always will support Bruce. Now recognize I was too vague and sincerely apologize for the way this came across."

Celebrities are also expressing their support.

Miley Cyrus tweeted: "I loooove looove looove Bruce Jenner!!!!!!!"

Lady Gaga: "Now that is bravery. We have the chance to write this moment in history together."

Then, actress Kirstie Alley seemed to put her foot in her mouth tweeting: "Trying to find a place for myself midst a world that has mistaken bravery for insanity...Mandela was brave...The rest of this (blank) is absurd."

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That generated yet another firestorm of criticism. Kirstie quickly moved into damage control mode tweeting: "For the record: I'm in Italy. I didn't see the Jenner interview & was not referencing Bruce in my earlier tweet. He is a friend of mine."

And then came the moment  people are still talking about, when Bruce showed Diane Sawyer the little black dress he says he'll wear the next time they meet.

It turns out the dress with long, see-through sleeves and shoulders looks a lot like one warn by step-daughter, Kourtney back in 2010.  

Jenner says this is the last time we'll ever see him as a man. But he still won't reveal the name he'll go by as a woman.

Sawyer asked, "Are you going to tell me a name, by the way today?"

"No. Because if I do the media would go crazy and I'd never get rid of them. I've got a little bit of time," said Jenner.

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