'Black Lives Matter' Projected on Walls at Freddie Gray Funeral as Baltimore Erupts in Protests

Protests in Baltimore turn violent following the death of Freddie Gray during an arrest.

Thousands turned out in Baltimore for the funeral of Freddie Gray.

A tearful farewell was bid to the 25-year-old, who suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody.

The solemn goodbye was quite a contrast to the weekend of violence that erupted around Camden Yards ball field.

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Windows were smashed and baseball fans came under attack. Cell phone video showed people trapped inside a bar as a rain of bottle, rocks, and trash came flying at them.

Thirty-eight thousand fans attending the Orioles/Boston Red Sox game were given a grim warning on the Jumbotron. It was a request from the mayor and police asking "all fans to remain inside the ball park until further notice."

Baltimore's mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake spoke out against the violence, but is coming under heat for one comment.

She said, "It's a very delicate balancing act, because while we tried to make sure they were protected from the cars and the other things going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space as well."

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