Brawl with Cops Leaves Rolonda Watts' Niece Battered and Bruised with Two Broken Teeth

Ariana Mason required 26 stitches after getting into a violent brawl with Las Vegas police.

It was a wild brawl captured on surveillance video outside a Las Vegas casino.

A cop grabbed a 21-year-old tourist and dragged her down. Her head was slammed into a marble table.

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The video is getting a lot of attention because the young woman in the video is the niece of TV personality and talk show host Rolonda Watts.

Watts told INSIDE EDITION, "The video is some of the most brutal video I have ever seen. I think it's just a gross misuse of police power in this nation."

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The incident happened last August at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas following a party.

The cop used a chokehold to restrain fashion model Ariana Mason. Moments later, she was hauled to her feet. The video showed her throwing a few punches, then the cop struck back and Mason was put in handcuffs.

Mason told INSIDE EDITION, "When I was down on the ground, I didn't know what was going on and I thought, 'Somebody was trying to kill me.' I didn't know what to do."

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Mason's face was battered. She needed 26 stitches and two teeth were broken.

The charges against Mason were later dropped. She's now suing the Las Vegas Police Department for $4 million. The police say they acted appropriately.

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