'Mom of the Year' Smacks Sense Into Son at Baltimore Riots

An unknown woman is being hailed 'Mom of the Year' after trying to smack some sense into a young man at the riots in Baltimore.

In the midst of chaos and anarchy, there is one mom who is being hailed a hero after she reportedly saw her teenage son on live TV throwing rocks and she wasn't having any of it.

She ripped off his hoodie and mask and told him to get home!

The woman is being praised everywhere. The Washington Post even called her "mom of the year."

Dr. Phil commented, saying, "I'm tipping my hat to this mother that gets off her butt, and gets out into the street, finds her kid, and gets his attention and drags his butt home."

Another citizen who tried to stop the violence was one man who literally put his own body between police and protesters.

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Other major developments are that the governor of Maryland has issued a state of emergency and 5,000 National Guard soldiers and police have been ordered to the city to restore law and order.

President Obama spoke out today, saying, "A handful of people taking advantage of the situation for their own purposes and they need to be treated as criminals."

A curfew remains in effect - everyone off the streets from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

All Baltimore schools are closed, but that decision is facing criticism from Reverend Jamal Bryant, who spoke at Monday's funeral service for Freddie Gray.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "It was a horrible decision. I think that schools needed to be open. At least they could have been contained and we could have gotten into the schools in order to address them."

Televised scenes of looting and violence are shocking the world. One car actually plowed through flames and then went crazily around in circles. It looked like a scene from a lawless war zone.

One guy performed a sick dance in front of the inferno. There was more insanity as a rioter brazenly sliced a fire hose on live TV keeping firefighters from extinguishing the flames that are ravaging the neighborhood.

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Another senseless fire burned down one senior center that took eight years to build and cost $16 million.

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Photographers were attacked and scenes of shocking violence were posted on social media as rocks hurled at police cars, windows were smashed, and looters cleaned out stores.

But that mom took a brave stand. One woman fought against the chaos swirling around her.

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