Baltimore Firefighters Risk Lives to Save Mom-and-Pop Shops as Riots Dissolve into Violent, Fiery Chaos

As the Baltimore riots dissolve into chaos, these firefighters continue to put their lives on the line to save local businesses.

A store owner was dragged out of his store, then sucker punched and kicked during riots in the besieged city.

As looters destroyed businesses large and small, some store owners say they called 911 as many as 50 times but never got any help.

The heartbreaking scene today occurred inside the CVS store that was looted and burned as the whole nation watched live on TV is destroyed.

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So many jobs gone. A small army of volunteers gathered today to clean up the mess.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian was inside the CVS as people cleaned up. He said, "The smell in here is really, really bad, we should probably have masks on. This entire store was torched, destroyed. Community members are coming out to help out." 

Fabian asked one volunteer, "You are here just helping out?"

"Yeah, I live directly across the street from here and I came out to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem," she said.

Among the buildings burned was a bodega that was featured in the last episode of the HBO drama The Wire. Firefighters risked their lives trying to save a mom and pop grocery store.

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INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian was with a security guard who could only watch as looters invaded a convenience store where he works.

One security guard said, "I work in there every Saturday and Sunday doing security in that store. Watching this is unbelievable."

Thieves were filling bags with stolen booty, pillaging their own neighborhood. Some hide their identity but some were so brazen they weren't afraid to be seen.

Police walked a fine line and there was a moment of tactical retreat when officers in riot gear began to walk back and away from protesters.

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