Coyotes Take Over New York's Swanky Neighborhoods

Coyotes are overrunning some of New York's best neighborhoods, and experts warn you should be concerned.

It may be known as the concrete jungle but the last thing you expect to see on the streets of The Big Apple are coyotes, running free.

It's being called "The Season of the Coyote" in New York City, with sightings everywhere, even in some of the swankiest neighborhoods.

One coyote dodged traffic as it roamed the darkened streets of one of the nation's ritziest zip codes on the Upper West Side.

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Another one was spotted in broad daylight, racing through the bustling New York borough of Queens.

Another coyote was close to the financial district, in a waterfront area popular with Wall Street diners and joggers.

A runner couldn't believe her eyes as a coyote ran by right behind her. Cops cornered that coyote at a fancy outdoor cafe, using chairs and tables to pen it in.

Who knew NYPD would ever have to deal with an invasion of coyotes?

They've been spotted brazenly walking the streets. But in order to find them and trap them, the authorities are going to have to come to where they go at night in the wooded parks of the city.

INSIDE EDITION went in search of the wily coyotes. One team was in a helicopter with night-vision and infra-red cameras and another team was on the ground, a couple of hundred feet below the chopper.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent was scouring the parks on foot with wildlife control expert Jerry Malangon.

Malangon pointed out, “You can see there's a trail here.”

Malangon says coyotes are drawn to the city by the lure of rats and mice they feed on.

“They could be sick, they could have rabies,” he said.

One coyote was reported near the multi-million-dollar apartments of New York’s swanky Riverside Drive.

The team was also not far from Lincoln Center, perhaps the nation's No. 1 cultural mecca. It's a place usually thronged with movers and shakers in tuxes and gowns. Now, there's a coyote. Maybe he was there for the new revival of The King And I.

One guy got quite a fright from cops as he was out walking his dog in Riverside Park.

The resident said, “They said, ‘I’m sorry, sir, you've got to get out of the park, there's a coyote on the loose.’”

Trent asked Malangon, “Should people be concerned?”

“I would be concerned, definitely. They can put a nasty bite on you, they can get your pet, they can get your kid,” he replied.

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Sightings galore and it's still just the start of “The Season of the Coyote.”

Wildlife experts say if you come in contact with a wild coyote in your neighborhood, don't turn and run because a coyote will chase you, instead they recommend yelling in a loud authoritative voice, making as much noise as possible to scare the coyote away.

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