Paralyzed Teen who Shocked Nurse by Walking is Getting Ready for the Prom

Paralyzed teen Bailey Murrill shocked the world by getting out of her wheelchair and walking. Now, she's getting ready for prom.

Bailey Murrill is the paralyzed girl who defied the odds by rising from her wheelchair.

The amazing video went viral two weeks ago and INSIDE EDITION was there as Bailey got ready for the prom.

This is the inside story of the miraculous 17-year-old Texan who'd been given a five percent chance of ever walking again.

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Bailey told INSIDE EDITION, "I did beat the odds!"

Bailey suffered a freak injury while fooling around with her dad, Eric.

She said, "He had me over his shoulders, we were just horse playing. I flipped somehow and landed on my back. I had no feelings in my legs from the hips down."

But after 11 days, Bailey felt the feeling return to her legs. Bailey cried with joy. Then, her mom recorded the reaction of Bailey's favorite nurse to the wonderful news.

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Bailey's mom told INSIDE EDITION, "Her reaction was just - it was beautiful."

Bailey said, "I just stood up and got the biggest hug of my life!"

INSIDE EDITION was there as Bailey got ready for prom night. Then, the teen who feared she would never walk again hit the dancefloor and summed up the miraculous turn her life has taken.

She said, "Two weeks ago I got told I would have a five percent chance of ever walking again and now I'm at prom!"

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